What is dapoxetine?

One of the relatively new prescription drugs on the market today, which has been specifically engineered to treat premature ejaculation in men and is currently the only chemical compound available in prescription drugs designed specifically to do exactly that.

Working to inhabit serotonin transporters in the human body, dapoxetine is able to artificially slow down the pleasure signals that are sent between the penis and the brain and an effort to “cool things down” when they are otherwise heating up.

Originally conceived of as an effective antidepressant, this specific SSRI was found to be absorbed – and then eliminated – much too quickly in the human body which made it nowhere near as effective a solution for treating depressive feelings but made it ideal for treating premature ejaculation.


Developed specially for the treatment of premature ejaculation

Pioneered by the chemists at Eli Lily, a major pharmaceutical company, the formula behind this drug was sold to Johnson and Johnson in 2003 and was approved by the FDA in 2004. Predominantly sold in Europe and Asia, this product has yet to hit the US market – though industry insiders expect this will change in the next few months. Dapoxetine should be on the market by the end of 2017, if not even sooner.

Online packs and availability

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Those that are interested in taking advantage of everything that it has to offer have the opportunity to purchase a ed trial pack for many of the online pharmacies that make this prescription drug available.


  • Dapoxetine is an active ingredient
  • Priligy is a brand name
  • Vriligy is a generic dapoxetine


  • 30mg
  • 60mg
  • 90mg

You’ll obviously need to make sure that you are purchasing it online only from reliable and reputable sources, but even just a quick bit of research should be enough to give you the confidence you need to go forward with a legitimate operation.

Men struggling with erectile dysfunction AND premature ejaculation are going to be happy to learn that they can combine Viagra with it. This prescription drug cocktail kills two birds with one stone and will give men the confidence they need to perform at their highest levels in the bedroom.

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